The Mischievous Minx was purred into existence as the antidote to a dull sex life and a cure for relationships not living up to their passionate potential.  Prior to the Minx my husband and I had been stuck in a rut.  Busy careers, kids and life had dampened the desire that had once been the foundation of our relationship.  We set out to get our groove back.  It started with a bottle of wine and an adult game of Truth of Dare – a simple game that began to break down walls and open lines of communication that had been closed.  Other sexy games followed and soon we were looking forward to weekends again.  Games led to toys and lingerie and experimentation and experiences that have changed us both for the better. It took a lot of work but it has been worth every second.    

As we reclaimed our sex life and rebuilt our marriage we were frustrated by how difficult it was to find the variety of adult products in one place (and at reasonable prices).  We wanted slinky lingerie, sensual massage oils, fun games and quality sex toys all in one order rather than searching multiple sites.  We knew that we could create the store that we wanted and we hoped that other couples would want the same thing.  Fast forward a few years and here we are!  Welcome to the Mischievous Minx!

We strive to empower couples to create the fulfilling relationships they crave through communication, exploration and expansion of boundaries. We want to inspire women to feel confident, take control, and explore their sex lives openly, without shame or judgment.  Life really is too short to be unfulfilled.

We believe in real people enjoying sex to the fullest – whatever they’re into. Whether you’re ready for a vibrating butt plug, bondage play, or you just want some tantalizing oils and some new lingerie… we totally get it.  When we started we had no idea what we wanted.  Explore, browse, get intrigued, get shocked.  We have something to satisfy any desire (including a few desires that you probably had no idea existed).

You can order in confidence from us knowing that your package will be sent promptly and discreetly. We have a satisfaction guarantee policy and if you have any issues then we are here to assist.

Xoxo Nola (aka the Mischievous Minx)